12KG GAS CYLINDER (Domestic)

12kg – Shell Compact domestic gas 
cylinder mainly for household 
application which brings benefits for customers:
- Auto shut-off regulator (Shell Compact) when not in use. 
- Containing no OLEFIN, DME (Olefin might cause health and environment effects. DME makes LPG rubber accessories worn out, causing potential LPG leaks)

Customers in:
1. Dist 01, Part of Dist 03 and Part of Dist 05, HCMC, please contact
Xuân Thảo Gas: 08.38356938/39250908
Or email: xuanthaogas@nhienlieuxanh.com 

2. Part of Dist 03 and Dist 10, HCMC 
Lộc Xanh Gas (Opening soon): 08.38356938/39250908
Or email: locxanhgas@nhienlieuxanh.com