When gas leaks due to out-of-control reasons (mouse-bitten or cracked hose, defective equipment …), installing good quality gas detector will help:
- Warn users to have active solutions against any LPG leaking. In case of any potential incident(s) occur, the risks will be at lowest levels.
- Or gas detector will transmit alarming signals to the control panel which connects to solenoid valve(s), completely shutting off LPG from LPG storage before the problems to be handled.

When Gas Detector is connected to a power source, the power indicating lamp will light up, and in a few moments it will be in monitoring mode. When a gas leak occurs and exceeds a predetermined standard, the detector will produce a loud and regular sound and the operation indicating lamp will flash for warning.
When the gas density falls below predetermined standard, the detector will automatically return to monitoring status.
Power source (V): 12/24 DC
Standby current (mA): 40-45
Alarm current (mA): 70-80
Alarm sound (db): 85 or more
Sensitivity - LEL (%): 02-05
Ambient temperature (T): -10 - +55
Connectivity gateway to panel: Yes
Warranty (months): 12
Certificate: CE Certificate
Origin: Taiwan

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