Domestic LPG Segment

In domestic LPG segment, LPG products, LPG Equipment and retail networks must meet LPG safety requirements:

A. LPG products and LPG Equipment

1. LPG Products minimum meet LPG safety requirements:
- LPG cylinder valve must have seal:
LPG cylinder is sealed with anti-fake
Way to check if the stamp is genuine: normally, customer can not see the company watermark log on the stamp (picture on the left), it only appears when the stamp is watered (picture on the right).  

- LPG cylinder must be within valid inspection period. There are 02 ways to know whether it is still in valid inspection period or not:
The tested date is printed on the handle: TESTED month - year, in this picture is TESTED 6 - 2012, which means this cylinder is tested in June 2012 and can be used within 5 years to June 2013. After that time, this cylinder is no longer safe to use and should be retested.

The tested date is printed on the handle like this: month-year/month-year, in this picture is 07-10/07-15, which means this cylinder is tested in July 2010, and can be used to July 2015. After that time, it will be no loger safe to use and should be retested.

2. LPG Equipment:
- LPG hose must be qualifed with LPG standards: Name of the manufacturers, technical specifications (Bar, Psi...), BS, EN, UL ... standards.
- LPG regulators are made by well known manufactured by Cavagna, Shell, Lucky
not more than 02 years since the date of installation.
- Specifications of LPG detectors must consistent with Lower Explosive Limit of 02% - 05% (LEL 02%-05%) to detect LPG leaks, preventing potential fires and explosions.

B. Retailer Network:
- Periodically doing safety check confirmed by customers in writing to access potential risks, raise warnings and provide solutions to close the safety gaps.
- Checking at threads, connection points with soapy water after reconnecting the regulators into the cylinder valves to find out potential leaks caused by hose craked, rodents
- Making sure customers to provide with LPG safety manual.
- Recommending customers to use LPG detectors.

C. Customers/End-users:
- Selecting trustworthy LPG retailers and using strong brand name LPG products (Shell)
- Being aware of LPG products of continuos promotion, price unexpectedly lower than that of Manufacturers registed with local Authorities.
- Not trying to keep switching on stoves if they don't work. Closing the cylinder valve and asking for supports from the nearest trustworthy LPG retailers.
- Closing LPG cylinder valve in case of LPG leak found. It's prohibited not to switch on power, lighter or spark ignition sources.
- In case of severe LPG leak, evacuating all members from home and asking for quick supports from the nearest trustworthy LPG retailers.
- Closing LPG cylinder vale when not in use.
- Never putting LPG cylinder in fully closed cabinets where rodents love habitting!

Customers in:
1. Dist 01, Part of Dist 03 and Part of Dist 05, HCMC, please contact
Xuân Thảo Gas: 08.38356938/39250908
Or email:

2. Part of Dist 03 and Dist 10, HCMC (Opening soon), please contact
Lộc Xanh Gas: 08.38356938/39250908
Or email: 

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