Commercial/ Central LPG system types have to meet at least 04 following criteria: 

- Fully supplying to optimize the LPG consumption effectively;
- Risk assessment and delivering proposals of keeping LPG storage areas from being exposed to potential hazards;
- Ensuring all LPG pipelines to be fully visible or to have safe methods of eliminating potenital LPG accumualation caused by leakage if any:
- Ensuring the LPG Design and detailed Methods of Installation to get the Fire Approval and Acceptance Certificate.

In addtion to technical and safety requirements, Green Fuel is committed to provide our valued customers or Partners with added values as follows:
- Sales Engineer well trained about LPG industry;
- Closely working with Projects Master/Master Plan to have appropriate MEP proposals aligned with Project concept and architecture but still with LPG Safety Compliance.  
- Ensuring the consultancy, LPG storage construction and Riser designs, installation to get aligned with TCVN QCVN, Shell, NFPA ..., getting Fire Approval and Acceptance done before putting into operation. 
- LPG system quality can last as long as the lifetime of the Project due to our qualified methods of installation performed by our Technical and Engineer Teams with fact-finding experiences;
- Depending on the Project scope, Green Fuel shall propose the investment cost supports and comprehensive maintenance during tendered Contract.