1. The purpose of E.R.P:
Emergency Response Plan aims to minimize the consequences of Accident/Incident occurring
and to recover as much as possible the original conditions.

2. Information about LPG:
+ Component: C3H8/C4H10 with the proportion of 30/70 or 50/50, product code as of UN: 1965
+ Dangerous ranking: Flammable, Group 2.1; heavier than air at gaseous status, spread out on the ground and easily ignited.
+ LPG characteristics:

Physical properties    Liquid when stored in cylinder under high pressure and vapor under normal outside conditions.   Odor Addictives are added to create odorants.
Boiling point
  under - 1oC  Ignition temperature  under -40oC
 Vapor pressure  about 790 kPa at 40oC  Lower explosive limit  1.8% in the air
 Density  about 0.55 kg/L at 15o  Under explosive limit  10% in the air
 Vapor density    about 1.85 at 15oC  Autoignition temperature  higher than 410oC

3. First aid treatment:

 Symptoms and influences Cause eyes & skin burn at liquid status. Exposure to high concentration of gas can lead to headache, dizzy, nausea, faint and even death. 
 Safety equip for rescuers  Follow safety instruction to avoid the risk of fire, explosion
 First aid treatment for inhalation poisoning  Move the person out of gas leaking area. Keep warm and let him relax. If the person is panic, use physical assistance method to avoid hurting him. If the person faints but still breathes, help him stay in the right position. If the person stop breathing, give him artificial respiration. If his heart stops beating, do heart massage. TAKE MEDICAL CARE IMMEDIATELY.
 First aid treatment for skin  If the poison has spilled on the person's clothes, remove the clothing and flush the skin with water, however, do not try to remove it if it stick to the skin. Dress the wound carefully. Do not use burn ointment or powder. Remember that clothing is flammable, make it wet before move to another place. Wash it before using it again.
 First aid treatment for eyes  Clean the eyes with water immediately. Dress them carefully. TAKE MEDICAL CARE IMMEDIATELY.