Fire Precautions

Action in an Emergency
- Sound the alarm and summon the fire fighting services: Call 114
- Evacuate all personnel, except those necessary to deal with the emergency, from the danger area (particularly if in path of any cloud).
- Always approach fire or leak from upwind and ONLY if safe to do so. 
In case of a leak without fire
- Isolate the leaking cylinder(s) and if possible stop the source of the leak.
- If the leak cannot be stopped, then remove the cylinder(s) to an isolated area i.e. clear of people, buildings, drains and sources of ignition. The point of leakage should be kept uppermost.
In case of a leak with fire
 - A small fire from a bottle may be smothered with a wet cloth or dry powder extinguisher, ONLY if it is possible to stop the leak.
- Cool with water any adjacent cylinder(s), which cannot be moved to a safe place.
- Always approach any fire or leak from upwind and using all protection available.
- It is best to control gas fires and not to extinguish them until the ignition sources are cut off.

Emergency telephone: 0916 690 407