Used correctly, LPG is a safe product. However, being a combustible fuel, we must recognise the potential dangers it can present and minimise risk to our customers and the wider public alike.

At Nhien Lieu Xanh, we view LPG SAFETY COMPLIANCE as our key challenge. We have inherited all Shell’s LPG safety compliance values. In addition to LPG supply,  Nhien Lieu Xanh also commits to support customers better understand LPG standards, periodically organizes LPG safety training seminars for our customers, provide clients with necessary safety knowledge of gas (LPG).

Proactive LPG SAFETY COMPLIANCE is always a core value that we keep pursuing. We never take safety for granted and encourage our customers to share this core value. We would therefore encourage anyone using LPG read through this SAFETY & TECHNICAL section, and consider your approach to safety to protect yourself and community.